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Wild Geese Group

Leading Crisis Management in Industry 
and Ever-changing

There is a saying from them, “Train Hard & Fight Easy”; I am here to share with my readers how Wild Geese Group project their experience, passions, and ideas. So, buckle up and enjoy their paradigm shift all from my perspective.

-Win Sern L

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The Wild Geese Group

We are an accredited OPITO Training Provider and YES all our OPITO courses are strictly conducted according to OPITO Standards. . If you...


Wild Geese Group a 100% Malaysian company is pleased to announce another “First for Industry” to be approved by OPITO to deliver the...

Great news!

Dear Readers & followers, We are pleased to share with you this special announcement that effective on Monday 1st June 2020, Mr Mike...

Lead by example!

Congratulations to WGG training staffs to be among the first few to obtain the Diploma 4 in ERRM for Oil & Gas Industry. "To be the First...

A Special Visitor!

Tim Dawkins from nocn visited the MERSC today to view day 4 of the UARD Diploma Level 4 in ERRM for Oil & Gas being conducted. A pleasant...

Stay Home Education!

Wild Geese Group, like many companies has taken the initiative to establish a “Distance Learning” unit to its Training & Competency...

Do you really know?

How much do you think you know that you are supposed to know? That sounds like an inane questions does it not? Actually, it is not if you...

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