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Selamat Datang!

That means "Welcome!" in my national language.

Have you ever wondered how is it like to work in a high risk occupation? What if accidents happen? How do they handle it? Are there any training for it? For me, Wild Geese Group taught me a lot.

I started this blog hoping to share what I have learned from them. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique content I have to offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well. Read on and enjoy!

Hello!: About

Greatness from Small beginnings

Who is Wild Geese Group to me?

A very skilled group of ex-military personnel who after a long time in uniform found themselves out of uniform.
With unique skills, life experiences and an unrivalled level of passion to succeed in what ever they set their minds and energy at.
Searched for an industry that offered the same level of challenge, uncertainty and excitement.
They found the Oil & Gas industry was a perfect fit for them, a place where they could continue to re-purpose their fields of expertise.
Share what they had learnt whilst in uniform to the betterment of the professional family they were now part of.
Now with nearly two decades of notable success under their belts, in the fields of Incident Command & workforce competency development.
As the flock is now much larger, and the “the way we do things” is written into the industry.
Wild Geese embark on breaking new ground into other industries.
To grow the brand and support companies in maximizing operational safety cultures through raising the bar,
in not just how you do your business but also who is involved in your business through human resource development.
Not wishing or wanting to wear any uniform again, the people from Wild Geese will bring value to your organization,
through innovation, creativity and show you what it is like to be
“First & Best in Class”
“your fight is their fight”

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Hello!: About
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